How Much Can Your Organization Change?

June 11, 2018by Monica Westbrook

For every successful organizational transformation through technology, there are many factors to consider besides budget and business need. An organization’s change capacity includes:

  • How many other projects are competing for the same resources and even the same audience?
  • How could culture impact the potential outcome?
  • What is the current climate?
  • Based on recent history of similar projects, how skeptical or receptive will people be to your project?
  • Do you have the right support at the executive level to provide adequate resources as well as drive adoption?

These are difficult questions to answer. Interpreting the answers to these types of questions does not always provide a clear path to enabling a successful implementation. However, all are important to assessing your company’s readiness or capacity to adopt a major transformation.

Change capacity is not about asking whether you should implement the transformation. Instead, it asks what paths need to be cleared in order for this change to become one of the top priorities in the company.

One of the first things aMind does when starting a project is to evaluate an organization’s capacity for change.

Our readiness experts will help you get started on the right foot by applying a unique method of measuring change capacity, matched with the expertise to analyze the results and perform a readout.

Here’s an example of a tool we use to measure change capacity of our clients.