Why You Need a Change Management Plan

June 11, 2018by Monica Westbrook

Change Management is much more than communications and training. The most under-invested component of a major transformation is typically the change management plan. So why is change management so important to the success of your project?

One word….HUMANS.

Human behavior is largely emotional, and a change management plan that is lacking, or left to the last minute, will increase the population of your detractors. This results in negative perceptions and assumptions. Ultimately, unless you have absolutely zero opposition to your project (not likely), you will experience decreased adoption at launch. You then have to invest more in changing attitudes after launch. This is much more difficult than planning for resistance at the start.

aMind’s approach to change management has one focus, enabling individuals across multiple impacted functional groups to adopt a CPQ digital transformation and elevate implementation success.

In an aMind implementation engagement, planning for change management is part of Readiness Plans in Phase 1 during Inception & Discovery.

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