4 Reasons to Work for ArganoaMind Solutions

June 26, 2018by aMind Solutions

Why Join ArganoaMind?

ArganoaMind is a Silver Salesforce partner and a full-service consulting firm who focuses on helping clients through complex CPQ digital transformations. Leveraging our proven delivery methodology, ArganoaMind has achieved 100% customer satisfaction to some of the largest companies in the world. Come join our team us and become an “A” Mind.

So with the option to work for many great companies, why join ArganoaMind? We asked our CPQ implementation experts this question. Below are their four reasons to work for ArganoaMind. You can read more of their stories here.

1. Freedom to do What is Right for Customers

“The main appeal is the freedom to do what is right.”

“ArganoaMind exists to do the right thing for the customer.”

“ArganoaMind is a dedicated company that listens to clients.”

At ArganoaMind we empower our employees to do what is right for the customer. Our methodology is built on listening to our client’s challenges, analyzing options and laying out a plan to get to the optional solution.

ArganoaMind consultants are given the flexibility to work the way the customer wants. To fit within their environment. There is no rigid playbook to follow.  

Because we are privately-held and well funded, we don’t have to worry about making quarterly goals, or selling you the latest technology, or staffing your project with more people than necessary. We empower our employees to do what is right for customers. Since we are system agnostic, ArganoaMind employees are free to weld together different technology solutions that deliver the greatest business value. We would rather have a good relationship with a customer than to make a huge profit on the job.

At ArganoaMind, there are no sales quotas to fill. In fact, the sales team is never involved with a project. Consultants are not pushed to go too fast or too cheap. And we never, ever code clients into a box.

When it comes to CPQ implementations, the cost of doing a project wrong, far, far exceeds the cost of doing it right. 

2. Work with Quality People

“I get to work with competent people throughout the stack.”

“Our execution and output is higher because of the talent.”

“ArganoaMind people that learn fast, work hard, deliver more.”

At ArganoaMind, we are very proud of our 100+ “A” Minds. Many of our people have worked together for more than a decade. Unlike many consulting firms that bring on consultants to manage work surges, ArganoaMind staffs projects with our own employees.

New employees are often referrals, clients who have seen our work, or have worked with our employees on a project. On average, an ArganoaMind employee has 8 years of experience.

To maintain the quality of our team, every new ArganoaMind employee goes through a strenuous hiring experience that takes months and involves company founders. We use situational interviews that weed out people who are incapable of learning from mistakes. New hires in junior roles are closely monitored during their first year through a shadowing arrangement.

Not only do we hire people with exceptional technical skills, vetted by software architects with 20+ years of experience, but we hire for something extra. We look for people who enjoy solving complex challenges of all types. These are problem-solvers that are not scared by complexity. They often have experience managing complex technical projects in a variety of industries, including the U.S. military.

In addition to thriving on complexity, every ArganoaMind employee has a deep understanding of how business works. Because CPQ is such a huge driver of revenue, every employee must be a problem solver who can identify the business case and be comfortable working with the business buyer. The heart of what we do is to solve business problems. ArganoaMind is not an IT company.

Most importantly we hire for character. Those old-school values that are still critical. Honesty, integrity, work ethic, kindness, patience, humility. The type of people you want to spend time with. It’s pretty simple actually; quality people deliver quality work.

3. Bureaucracy-free

“I work for ArganoaMind because we just get it done. No BS. Just results.”

“ArganoaMind values working results over paperwork and pragmatism over theory.”

“Doesn’t have a lot of bureaucracy. Don’t have to stress over internal politics.”

Don’t expect us to show up at your office with an army of people. ArganoaMind has an extremely flat organization structure, where the most senior management remains involved in projects. The project team is usually made up of a cohesive 5-7 person team who often wear many hats. They have an opportunity to lead and maintain a hands-on role. We’ve found that when you have a big team, it just gets in the way. And big teams cost the client a lot more.

We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to our clients. We don’t have a sales and marketing department, or fancy offices filled with middle managers.

Along with a flat organization, we have a firm belief in keeping documentation to a minimum. Our clients hire us to deliver more revenue through software, not to write beautiful documentation. When was the last time you read your project documentation? This doesn’t mean we leave you hanging with no knowledge of what we’ve delivered. We transfer knowledge throughout the project and only walk away when you have what you need to maintain on your own, or with a little help through our managed services.

4. We Are Not Afraid to Say No

“At the end of the day, client’s want honest consulting. ArganoaMind lets me be transparent.”

“We are not order takers, we are guides to the right solution.”

“Having the freedom to say “no” and suggest alternatives helps me sleep better at night.”

Most of our clients have heard a lot of yeses from vendors in the past. And they have paid the price with failed implementations.

We expect your CPQ project to be successful. In fact, we guarantee it will be. One of the ways we can guarantee your success is by setting realistic expectations. We spend more time than other consultants at the start of your project ensuring project objectives and prioritizing features that will have the greatest impact on your business. We don’t leave it up to our clients to define what they need. We are the subject matter experts.

Sometimes this means suggesting a better way. We will talk you out of something that will not work. Perhaps it may today, but we look ahead to ensure that we implement works in the future as well.

Elevate Your Career at ArganoaMind

If working in a flat organization that empowers you to do your best work ever while working with a team of the best “A” minds in enterprise software, check out our open positions.


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