Salesforce CTA Solution Presentation

November 5, 2019by Robert Wing

Part 6 of Robert Wing’s personal



The Fastest 45 Minutes EVER

There was about 20-25 minutes between completing the prep time and starting the presentation. I just sat down and rehearsed the presentation in my head and anything I’d need to voice-over to what I’d been able to draw.

The Facilitator got me and brought me into the conference room for the presentation and Q&A. I introduced myself to the judges. During this period I had an opportunity to arrange the room how I wanted it before the presentation timer started. This turned out to be a training-class-focused room and the initial setup wouldn’t have worked well for me with a lectern on one side of the room.

• I moved the flip chart papers around to where I wanted them.

• I tested the PC I would be presenting with to make sure slides and document changed well and I understood how the AV system worked.

• The room had a training-style layout where it emphasized standing at a lectern and presenting slides on the projector. I don’t lecture from lecterns and most of my work was going to be with the flip chart papers I prepared earlier plus white board, so I had a minute or two to figure out how I was going to handle the room.

I then presented my solution for the 45 minutes allotted. The judges took notes and checked reference materials as I was presenting. This was a bit different than my usual presentations where the audience is more interactive, but not altogether unlike an RFP presentation where the vendor is permitted undisturbed time to present their solution and the customer take notes.

In part 7 I’ll explain how I discovered my greatest weakness along with lessons learned, so you don’t make the same ones.

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