5 Change Management Activities for Increased CPQ Adoption

To guide CPQ adoption across an organization, aMind’s consultants create an agile change management plan that evolves throughout the life of your CPQ project. The plan provides the guardrails by which all change management activities will be governed. It takes into account such factors as culture, perspectives, amount of change anticipated, and resources available.

Built Around Your Vision of Change

June 14, 2018

Inception & Design Workshop Purpose

The purpose of the Inception and Design Workshop is to identify business objectives, define success factors, pain points and risks in a CPQ implementation. This is accomplished primarily through use cases created by participants during the workshop.

The Inception & Design Workshop best practices outlined below have been identified by aMind’s consultants during the course of more than 80 CPQ implementations. Keep reading to see what you should expect when you engage with our implementation experts.

June 11, 2018

Who Should be on Your Change Readiness Team?

There are three distinct groups of individuals who play key roles in the success of a transformational change.

  • Core team: Those creating and executing the plan and securing members from the next two groups.
  • Sponsors: Leaders within the impacted groups responsible for driving change by members of their respective groups.
  • Champions: Actual users who will provide feedback on the user experience and evangelize the message to their peers.

All participants are change agents, which is essentially any individual who participates in driving a change within an organization.