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Optimize CPQ & Billing

Are you completely satisfied with how your CPQ and Billing systems perform?

For many companies, this time of crisis represents an opportunity to review current systems and rethink how they operate.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies optimize their CPQ and Billing functionality within their quote-to-cash system, and we can help you as well, starting with our complimentary wellness diagnosis.

Here are a few leading brands that have taken their CPQ and Billing health seriously, and their success shows.

The path to CPQ and Billing wellness is a Zoom call away.

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    ArganoaMind knows CPQ & Billing cold! An excellent fit into the Salesforce CPQ ecosystem.

    – Brion Schweers, VP, Quote-to-Cash, Product Team / Salesforce

    CPQ Under the Weather?

    Common Signs of CPQ and Billing Problems

    Too many clicks to quote?


    Too many product bundles?

    Arduous catalog navigation?

    Price adjustment nightmares?

    Inefficient approval processes?

    Delayed system response?

    Non-integrated processes like credit check?

    Slow product and pricing roll-outs?

    Manual subscription billing?

    ArganoaMind Has a Cure for what Ails Your CPQ

    Complimentary CPQ Health Check

    One-Hour Introduction Call

    • A little bit about ArganoaMind
    • Your current business, process, and technology challenges as well as goals for the Health Check
    • Health Check overview and set expectations for the Health Exam
    • Understand current Salesforce footprint and projects in flight

    Two-Hour Health Exam Call

    • Items to Review
      • Business & technical pain points
      • Complete end-to-end reverse demo
      • Understand configurations/customizations and “why”
      • Understand user perspective
      • Interactive Q&A
      • Recommended go forward plan

    Wellness Diagnosis Deliverables

    • Flow chart of current state vs. future state
    • Identify the primary business, design, and technical challenges
    • Heat map of complexity of remediating issues
    • CPQ experts give high level direction for remediation 
    Better Together

    Client Participants

    Subject Matter Expert

    Provide an end-to-end demo and discuss design decisions.

    Business User

    Discuss business reasons for current design and end user challenges.

    Project Champion

    Provide project drivers and success criteria.

    ArganoaMind was extremely supportive and collaborative every step of the way.
    The company’s implementation pros were great at asking questions proactively to anticipate what would be needed. I give this project FIVE stars.

    – Brittney Hayes, Director of Sales Operations / Manduka

    Remediation Options

    Quick Fix

    Identify quick wins to remediate current challenges. ArganoaMind Configuration Engineer works a prioritized defect list.

    Corrective Implementation

    Extensive customization and complexity may require additional scoping to identify areas of redesign while focusing on leveraging as much of the current implementation as possible. 

    Prototype Out-of-the-Box

    Demonstrate OOB capabilities leveraging a clean sandbox provided by ArganoaMind. Implement critical use cases to prove Salesforce OOB can meet business requirements. The demo will be leveraged to demonstrate feasibility and build support across the organization.

    Ready to Cure CPQ & Billing Ailments?

    Learn More About ArganoaMind’s Health Check

      These guys know CPQ better than anyone else.

      – Scott Gualdoni, AVP, Enterprise Sales / Salesforce

      ArganoaMind was incredibly diligent in helping us navigate our CPQ and Billing project. They brought a high level of both domain and technical expertise and worked extremely well with our team. The result was an on-time/on-budget delivery of Salesforce CPQ and Billing.

      – Ionel Nechiti, General Partner / SAFER Systems

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