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Legacy CPQ, Out!

Join Us Online Wednesday May 13, 1:30 EST

Transforming Businesses Around the World Through CPQ Since 2005

Join ArganoaMind and Salesforce for:

Legacy CPQ, Out!

Are your legacy CPQ and Billing systems holding back star performance?

Join us, and our Salesforce CPQ & Billing partners, Lee Mish, online to cover today’s hottest topics for migrating legacy CPQ systems to Salesforce.

May 13, 2020 from 1:30 – 2:15 EST (10:30 PST)

– When is the right time to transition?
– What a home run transition engagement looks like. How we get you from a legacy system mishmash to modern Salesforce CPQ and Billing.
– 5 common (huge) CPQ challenges to avoid.
– Stay or go? Sign a new contract with current vendor or transition to a new team?
– Q&A with our business strategy and technical pros.


Legacy CPQ, Out! Webinar

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    You’ll Meet These CPQ and Billing Allstars

    From ArganoaMind Solutions and Salesforce

    Robert Wing
    ArganoaMind Chief Technology Officer &
    SF CTA

    Robert is an ArganoaMind manager and architect focused on early-phase software product and project delivery. He believes in building the right things, building them correctly, and delivering them reliably. He is considered the “product and details guy“ within ArganoaMind.

    Nate Fish
    Sales Director at ArganoaMind Solutions

    Nate brings to ArganoaMind a wealth of industry relationships and a history of success with Oracle/BigMachines, SteelBrick, atg , and Salesforce. In addition to business savvy, Nate is tech smart, experienced with Salesforce Lead-to-Cash (CRM, CPQ, Communities, eComm, and Billing), CLM (Docusign and Conga), ERP and more…

    Craig Venable
    Director, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

    ArganoaMind brought an “A team“ with deep platform and industry expertise to implement Salesforce CPQ. Phase 1 of our project has been highly valuable with a real and tangible ROI. We look forward to a continued partnership.

    Endorsed by Clients & Partners

    ArganoaMind Delivers 100% Client Satisfaction

    Working with ArganoaMind is like walking through an Iowa cornfield and coming across ballplayers hitting 500 home runs at a field of dreams.

    – Bryan Bradley, CPQ & Billing Transformation Specialist / Salesforce

    ArganoaMind has gone above and beyond. Hopefully, we can collaborate in the future with other portfolio customers.

    – Miki Sofer, Vice President / Valor Equity Partners

    ArganoaMind was extremely supportive and collaborative every step of the way. The company’s implementation pros were great at asking questions proactively to anticipate what would be needed. I give this project FIVE stars.

    – Brittney Hayes, Director of Sales Operations / Manduka


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    Where to find us

    With corporate offices in Northern California and Colorado, and teams deployed around the world; we are available to assist you whatever the need, wherever you are.


    Why ArganoaMind?

    – 100% Focus on CPQ
    – “A” Mind People
    – Proven Methodology
    – Partnership Vision
    – Right-sized organization


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