Senior Software Developer

Artemi Nakhapetiani

Home city: Tbilisi, Georgia
Years experience: 11
Languages: English, Georgian, Russian
Tech skills: Java, PHP, NodeJs, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript, Apex & Visualforce, SQL, PLSQL
Education: Master of Information Technologies

Why I Work for aMind

I enjoy working with intellectual people and the friendly atmosphere. Working for aMind gives me the opportunity to solve CPQ software challenges to simplify and speed up the configuration, pricing and quotation of complex and customized products. Software development for CPQ helps sales teams come up with optimal product configurations based on customer requirements.

After Work…

When I’m not at my computer you will find me playing basketball, skiing and fishing the beautiful lakes and rivers in Georgia. 



3201 Danville Boulevard, Suite 155
Alamo, CA 94507
Tel: 925.804.6139

Where to find us

With corporate offices in Northern California and Colorado, and teams deployed around the world; we are available to assist you whatever the need, wherever you are.


Why aMind?

– 100% Focus on CPQ
– “A” Mind People
– Proven Methodology
– Partnership Vision
– Right-sized organization


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