Director, Technical Solutions

Blake Williams

Home city: Denver, CO
Years experience: 21
Languages: English
Education: BA in Engineering Management

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

Working for ArganoaMind gives me the opportunity to work hands-on with best-in-class COTS applications and technologies, across a diverse customer base. I am proud to work with leaders that value customer satisfaction and to be a trusted advisor to clients. ArganoaMind is filled work with really smart, technically-adept and enjoyable people. It’s a great team!

A good consultant is someone a client sees as a trusted advisor – someone that can “cut through the noise” of a complex problem and provide objective clarity in both technical and business terms.

After Work…

Spend time outdoors with family and friends – snowboard, hike, swim, bounce kids on trampolines.

Places I’ve Lived

Boulder, CO and Denver, CO

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