Systems Analyst

Casey Trujillo

Home city: Denver
Years experience: 7
Languages: English
Tech skills: Java, Spring, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL, SalesForce, SOAP/REST WebServices, C#
Hats you wear: Currently work as a Java Software Developer for aMind
Education: BS:Software Engineering – Weber State University

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

Henry Ford

Why I Work for aMind

aMind knows how to provide an ideal work/life balance.

Employees are all like minded and make you feel like you’re important and making a difference. There is a lot of progression and opportunities as long as you work hard and put your best foot forward.

Nothing gets old, you are always working for something new and improved. You meet new people and able to bring functionality and progress to aMind’s clients.

I love the challenge, the work, and the people at aMind. Truly the best job I could have.

After Work…

Enjoy passions my wife and I share: motorcycle stunting and riding as well as building and racing our 900HP drag car.

Places I’ve Lived

SLC, Devner.



3201 Danville Boulevard, Suite 155
Alamo, CA 94507
Tel: 925.804.6139

Where to find us

With corporate offices in Northern California and Colorado, and teams deployed around the world; we are available to assist you whatever the need, wherever you are.


Why aMind?

– 100% Focus on CPQ
– “A” Mind People
– Proven Methodology
– Partnership Vision
– Right-sized organization


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