Senior Solutions Architect

David Valko

Home city: Phoenix, Arizona
Years experience: 20
Languages: English
Tech skills: Apttus CPQ, Salesforce CPQ, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture,
Integration Architecture, DBMS (various), Apex, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C#, VB .NET, VBScript C++, C.
Education: BS Mathematics, BS Computer Science

What one man can do, another can do.
– Jules Verne

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

The people are what mainly attracted me.  I had the benefit of working with ArganoaMind as a client before starting my position here, so I had first hand experience with the highly skilled professionals at ArganoaMind.  I knew if I switched jobs at the time then working at ArganoaMind would be the ideal place for me. I enjoy working with CPQ because it touches so many aspects of people’s lives.  Every business that sells something uses CPQ in some form; every online shopper uses CPQ.  So it’s hard not to add value by building quality solutions in this space.

After Work…

Family time, running, martial arts, reading.

Places I’ve Lived

Cleveland, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Phoenix, AZ; Zurich, Switzerland

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