Director, Finance & Administration

Julie Demarest

Home city: Alamo
Years experience: 9
Languages: English (some schoolgirl French)
Hats You Wear Accounting, human resources, administration, Jill of all trades
Education: Bachelors Degree, Liberal Arts

“Freshness is essential, that makes all the difference. I like to smell fresh cookies, it makes me feel I’m home.”
– Julia Child

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

For me, the people I work with are always the most important element, and at ArganoaMind I am always inspired, challenged, motivated, and entertained by the wonderful crew of brainiacs I interact with every day. We’re a far-flung group geographically, but a tightly-knit team with shared purpose and determination. I felt I would learn something new everyday at this company and that has turned out to be true.

Places I’ve Lived

Alamo, Lafayette, San Diego, London, New York

My Most Unusual Job

In London after college I worked for a marketing research firm, and my primary responsibility was to make sure the owner of the company came back from the pub after lunch. Mostly he was happy to return, but occasionally it was just easier to give up the fight and join in. For the purposes of, you know, research.

After Work…

I am on a quest to roast the perfect chicken. When I’m not eating (why? why do we have to stop?), I’m reading literature or refinishing vintage furniture. My husband and I have endless talks about politics, philosophy, and meaning, and we listen to our son play guitar as he pursues his passion in music. Oh, and cats. Always with the cats.

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