Sr. Consultant, Change Management

Monica Westbrook

Home city: Atlanta, GA
Years experience: 9
Languages: English
Tech skills:, Apttus, WalkMe
Education: B.A., Oglethorpe University

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
– Lou Holtz

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

Every morning, I am inspired to create solutions to painful processes and help companies ease the pain of adopting transformational change. I work with CPQ because it is one of the most difficult pieces of the sales process. Providing a solution that is nimble enough to respond to those shifts without burdensome code changes enables companies to respond quickly to align with their business objectives, accelerating ROI.

Places I’ve Lived

Sacramento, California; a few places in Texas – San Antonio, Belton, Temple, Houston, and Dallas; Altus, Oklahoma; and Atlanta, Georgia 

My Most Unusual Job

At 19, living in Houston, I worked as a receptionist at an auto body shop that also had a towing business. The most fun was driving all the cool cars – Porsche 911 and Toyota Supra were my favorite. Worst parts were notifying people that their car was about to become the property of the lot since they hadn’t picked it up, and the day I came to work and there had just been a shooting at the corner store. 

After Work…

Tennis, see Marvel movies with my son, shopping with my daughter, trying out a new wine (red) with my husband or girlfriends, create images in charcoal and pencil when inspired, hang out at the pool during the summer, lay on a beach when I can get to one, snuggle with my husband, cats or dogs, whichever is available.

Elevated Thoughts

May 2018 / Monica Westbrook

Change Readiness Team Roles

Who Should be on Your Change Readiness Team?
There are three distinct groups of individuals who play key roles in the success of a transformational change.

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How Much Can Your Organization Change?

For every successful organizational transformation through technology, there are many factors to consider besides budget and business need.

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June 2018 / Monica Westbrook

Why You Need a Change Management Plan

Change Management is much more than communications and training. The most under-invested component of a major transformation is typically the change management plan. So why is change management so important to the success of your project?

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August 2018 / Monica Westbrook

5 Activities to Increase CPQ Adoption

To guide CPQ adoption across an organization, ArganoaMind’s consultants create an agile change management plan that evolves throughout the life of your CPQ project. The plan provides the guardrails by which all change management activities will be governed. It takes into account such factors as culture, perspectives, amount of change anticipated, and resources available.

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