Solution Architect

Nick Rochon

Home city: Kenosha, WI
Years experience: 4
Languages: English
Tech Skills: Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing
Education: Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

CPQ & Why I Work for aMind

I joined aMind to be a part of a special organization that truly focuses on success, both internal and external. I bring my experience and look to learn from other aMinds to find ways to grow and contribute to the organization.

I am a huge fan of configure, price, quote implementations. CPQ is a tool that can really take a business to the next level. The success actually extends beyond CPQ.

I thrive on seeing how business software transforms multiple aspects of a business. Delivering successful implementations to customers is a very rewarding experience.

Places I’ve lived

Kenosha, Chicago

My Most Unusual Job

I referee both youth and adult (recreational) ice hockey games. It’s a fun way to stay engaged with the game I’ve been around most of my life.

After Work…

Hanging out with family and friends, cookouts, watching/playing/coaching hockey, diy’ing stuff around the house, and collecting sneakers.



3201 Danville Boulevard, Suite 155
Alamo, CA 94507
Tel: 925.804.6139

Where to find us

With corporate offices in Northern California and Colorado, and teams deployed around the world; we are available to assist you whatever the need, wherever you are.


Why aMind?

– 100% Focus on CPQ
– “A” Mind People
– Proven Methodology
– Partnership Vision
– Right-sized organization


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