Software Engineer

Nicole Marino

Home city: Denver
Years experience: 5
Tech skills: Salesforce, C# & .Net, Ruby, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, WordPress
Hats you wear: Software Development
Education: Arizona State for Computer Science

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

Everyone who I met at the company spoke with such enthusiasm it was hard not to get swept up by it. I liked the work life balance and the interesting projects. I like CPQ consulting because it gives you a glimpse into different implementations of CPQ. Every company is unique and no project is the same.

My Most Unusual Job

In college I took on a side gig as a participant in smell marketing research. I was hired to sniff the products and rate them on a 1-10 scale of different types of smells. For example, some of the categories were Earthy, Floral, Fresh, and even Buttery. I then wrote how I felt about the smell. It was a good way to make a few extra dollars!

After Work…

I do all the typical Colorado activities like skiing, biking, and paddle boarding. I take my dog on as many hikes as I can, or I get comfy as home with a movie. My boyfriend and I get out of town as often as we can for camping and traveling. I obsess over my houseplants and restore old furniture when I have the time.

Places I’ve Lived

Pasadena, CA, & Phoenix, AZ & Denver, CO

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