Senior Consultant

Peter Sovocool

Home city: Denver, Colorado
Years experience: 29
Languages: English
Tech skills: Siebel 7.x, 8.x, MS Visual Studio 97/6.0/.net, MS Visual C++ 4.0-6.0, MS C/C++ 7.0,
MS C 4/5.x/6.0, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Siebel VB Script/eScript, SQL
Education: BA, Computer Science

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”
― Mark Twain

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

My skill set was a good match for ArganoaMind. Also, ArganoaMind has a world-class development team.  Nice to be part of this!

Every company has its own needs as far as CPQ so the work is interesting, varied and can be complex. A good consultant is someone who helps guide their client in solving business problems by understanding what is really needed, developing solutions to complex problems and doing so in a timely fashion. Additional, a good consultant is a team player. This is what makes an ArganoaMind consultant!

After Work…

Play guitar/songwriting (I perform at open mics), windsurfing, ride motorcycles, workout and raise my two kids, who hopefully someday will be interested in something I do.  🙂

Places I’ve Lived

Ithaca, NY; San Francisco, CA

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