Software Architect & Developer

Ruslan Vekua

Home city: Tbilisi, Georgia
Years experience: 15
Languages: English, Russian, Georgian
Tech skills: Java, C, Objective-C, iOS development, PHP, PL/SQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, Web Development,
SQL, Spring Framework, Web Services, SOAP, REST, Apex, Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL,
Design Patterns, Agile Methodologies, Apttus CPQ/CLM/Billing/Invoicing/Payments
Education:Master of Business Administration

“Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost.”
–  Bjarne Stroustrup

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

ArganoaMind allows employees to choose their own work hours as long as their results speak for themselves. This makes for happy employees who in turn, provide better customer service. It’s a win-win.

Companies who trust their employees matters a great deal to me. And the opportunity to set my own work-life balance is immense.

When it comes to the CPQ aspect of my work, I enjoy the complexity of CPQ and how it absorbs the complications to present a simple working solution to users. When done correctly, the complexity becomes invisible.

My Most Unusual Job

I once had to deburr 1,345 nails. All 1,345 nails took about 5 days. 

After Work…

Teach my kids how to be happy.

Places I’ve Lived

Tbilisi, Zürich; Moscow, Kiev

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