Solution Lead

Steve Hiss

Home city: Denver, Colorado
Years experience: 34
Languages: English; a little French, Spanish and German
Tech skills: Agile, story-writing, business analysis, planning.
Education: Masters Degree – Electrical Engineering

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, you’ll be a mile away.  And you’ll have their shoes.”
— Jack Handey

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

Working on a variety of project for different clients in different industries, using various technologies. Keeps it interesting! It is interesting to flesh out and implement each client’s business rules around what products are available to their customers, how those products are priced and discounted, what approvals are required, and what documents are presented to the customer for signature.  A good consultant asks a lot of questions, consumes a large amount of information, and sorts it out into meaningful solutions to meet the client’s needs.

Places I’ve Lived

Seattle, WA; Groton, CT; Gales Ferry, CT; Memphis, TN; Rochester, NY; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO

My Most Unusual Job

At Kodak, I wrote machine-control software that turned motors and solenoids on and off with perfect timing.

After Work…

World travel, outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing), trivia, and lots of sports.

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