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Optimize Contract Management with Salesforce & DocuSign

Contract Lifecycle Management

Salesforce and DocuSign CLM will help you to enhance your contract processes by automating the agreement lifecycle.

aMind’s CLM implementation experts will configure your system to automatically push and pull data between Salesforce and DocuSign, trigger actions, and add signed agreements to a record. 

With automated contract management your team will send agreements for signature, capture information, track, and store agreements all without leaving Salesforce.

The result for your business is less cost and risk, accelerate turnaround times, and an elevated customer experience. Use with Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Service Cloud.

No matter how complex your contract processes; aMind’s experts will elevate your CLM.

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    Recognize Revenue Faster

    Streamline your contract processes with DocuSign CLM’s workflow engine to accelerate time-to-deal closure.

    Lighten the Load for your Legal Team 

    Automate contract approval routing with DocuSign CLM’s workflow engine to reduce the burden on your legal teams and to reduce costly, manual approval processes.

    Reduce Compliance Risk

    Manage your contracts in a single, central automated repository where key contract metadata information can easily be retrieved.

    Increase the Speed and Accuracy of Contract Creation

    Generate contracts – right within Salesforce! Standardize your contracts to be automatically generated and populated with standard and non standard fields from Salesforce.

    Integrate with Back-end Systems

    Leverage DocuSign’s API’s to automatically update your ERP and back-end systems with key contact information.

    Automatically Push and Pull Data

    Automatically push and pull data between Salesforce and DocuSign. Use with Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Service Cloud.

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