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Complexity is at the heart of configure, price, quote applications. Whether you are implementing CPQ for the first time, rescuing a failed project, sunsetting legacy systems or extending to the cloud and across channels, a CPQ project is rarely simple.

Enterprises face a myriad of questions. What to do first? How to start? What to integrate? How long will it take? What matters most? Where’s the low hanging fruit?

aMind has the answers for every step of your CPQ digital transformative journey. Our Solution Assessment provides clear visibility into ways to create additional revenue and reduce costs.

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    4 Steps to CPQ Solution Assessment

    Step 1

    Customer Consults

    We begin your assessment by listening to users and other key stakeholders. Our consultants summarize and verify what they learned in a report that includes pain points, requirements and objectives.

    Step 2

    System Diagnostic Check

    To augment information captured during stakeholder interviews, we peek under the hood of your CPQ system using our proprietary diagnostic tool. The System Diagnostic Check is run in your sandbox. It includes raw output plus interpretation and analysis.

    Step 3

    Solution Assessment Plan

    We meet with your executives and stakeholders to review preliminary findings. The Solution Assessment Plan provides all you need to know for moving forward with delivery estimates, a timeline and assumptions.

    Step 4

    Spectrum of Options and Recommendations

    Your suggested Solution Assessment is determined by the level of detail gathered during Consultative Interviews and the System Diagnostic Check. We present a spectrum of options and recommendations based on complexity, objectives, technical requirements and level of stakeholder involvement.

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