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CPQ is a powerful driver of sales growth enabling multiple sales channels to shorten sales cycles, elevate sales productivity and maximize revenues. But as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben reminds us, “with great power comes great responsibility”. 

CPQ projects share a distinct challenge in aligning the breadth, depth and nuance of platform capabilities with core business processes while meeting expectations of a best-in-class customer experience. 

ArganoaMind has successfully delivered complex, multi-channel CPQ and quote-to-cash solutions since 1980.

Our disciplined, 4 Pillar Hybrid Agile Blueprint Methodology has been refined and proven over time to deliver solutions that deliver exceptional business value. We take our responsibility as CPQ experts seriously, backed by a promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

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    We’ve learned that the best implementations happen when a realistic plan is followed.  To keep it real, we make an up-front investment in learning how ALL of the pieces fit together. Both for the happy-path everyone wants and the unhappy-path we seek to avoid.

    ArganoaMind’s business experts drive requirements by COTS application features. Lastly we believe in constructive conflict to define the optimal approach. Opinions are heard from all stakeholders.


    Does it work? To manage the complexity, breadth and depth of CPQ integration formal checkpoints are set throughout delivery. A proof-based method encourages transparent, “one team” communication regarding friction-inducing topics such as systems and teams-based RACI charts and methodology artifacts.

    At a minimum, feature/story “Definition of Done” includes concrete criteria for meeting agreed-upon unit test metrics for ensuring platform-specific test coverage is delivered as part of the project schedule and not as an after-thought.


    We get it right and then do it again with our ArganoaMind’s proven hybrid agile blueprint methodology. It’s worked for more than 80 CPQ implementation for best-known brands in the world.

    The power of agile in a construction phase is realized by quickly developing and learning from smaller increments and iterations rather than trying to get everything right all at once.

    We track that every stage of your CPQ project works through quantifiable success criteria. Was your project on-time and within budget? Are users adopting it? Lastly we keep a close eye on the solution roadmap for enhancement and future features so that every stage of your project stays on track.

    High-value CPQ and quote-to-cash solutions require a strong business/technology partnership. We’ve learned that when “management comes up with the ideas and passes them down” CPQ systems suffer. 

    We take an empirical approach to prioritizing features that deliver the greatest business benefit. Measurable metrics track value. 

    ArganoaMind’s disciplined processes and project governance drive the correct amount of customization to the application to meet the customer experience and total cost of maintenance objectives.

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