Engagement Manager

Ken Sonderholm

Home city: Ponte Vedra, Florida
Years experience: 20
Languages: Danish, Spanish, English
Tech Skills: Unix, Linux, RPG2, Cobol, Visualforce, VB
Education: The College of Westchester – Computer Systems Management

CPQ & Why I Work for aMind

I joined aMind, like many others, because of the people. Not only are they nice, but they are very capable.

I have been fortunate to work with aMind as a partner on previous projects. I saw first hand aMind’s ability to execute CPQ implementations when others faltered.

In my role as Engagement Manager, I love being customer-facing, helping businesses of all size solve complex business issues focused around sales processes and tools. I’m proud to say I am now on the aMind team, working with the best “A” minds in the business. 

After Work…

When not at my desk, you’ll find me relaxing on the beach, scuba diving or riding my motorcycle. 

Places I’ve lived

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico and now the US.



3201 Danville Boulevard, Suite 155
Alamo, CA 94507
Tel: 925.804.6139

Where to find us

With corporate offices in Northern California and Colorado, and teams deployed around the world; we are available to assist you whatever the need, wherever you are.


Why aMind?

– 100% Focus on CPQ
– “A” Mind People
– Proven Methodology
– Partnership Vision
– Right-sized organization


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