Business Analyst

Kevin Rosser

Home city: Denver, Colorado
Years experience: 8
Languages: English and some Spanish
Tech skills: Salesforce CPQ, Apttus CPQ
Education: Bachelors of Science in Biology, United States Air Force Academy;
Masters of Business Administration, Oklahoma State University

“There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
— Ronald Regan

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

The opportunity to work with and learn from ArganoaMind’s executive leadership team and the ability to implement optimized business solutions for the world’s leading brands through ArganoaMind’s leading-edge technology and best-in-class methodologies. I feel I am at my best when I am contributing to the improvement, betterment and/or success of a team. As an ArganoaMind consultant, I have the opportunity to have a positive impact by engaging with and working alongside our customers. As part of an ArganoaMind project team, I have the opportunity to assess and overcome business hurdles by developing and implementing unparalleled solutions that maximize return on investment, and secures a competitive advantage.

Places I’ve Lived

San Jose, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Destin, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO

My Most Unusual Job

One of my assignments in the United States Air Force was as a Research Scientist and Operations Officer for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Munitions Directorate. I oversaw a weapons development team dedicated to creating and manufacturing munitions designed to reduce blast radius and minimize collateral damage. Our efforts were dedicated to protecting the men and women on the ground. I feel fortunate I had the opportunity to work with so many brilliant, hard-working individuals and be a part of such a committed, cohesive team.

After Work…

Interests outside of work include playing and watching soccer. Traveling the world and learning about different customs and cultures. Exercising, working out and hiking. Listening to music and finding delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

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