Software Engineer

Scott Christensen

Home city: Denver, Colorado
Years experience: 3
Languages: English
Tech skills: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Apex, Visualforce
Education: BBA in Environmental Science from CU Boulder; Certificate in Web Development from Galvanize

Why I Work for ArganoaMind

The list of clients ArganoaMind has worked with is very impressive. I also like everyone who I work with and I have fun at my job. I like being a consultant because I get to work on diverse projects and with people from all walks of life; it keeps my job exciting and fresh.

After Work…

I like rock climbing, hanging out with my dog and trying to catch as many Rockies games as possible. 

My Most Unusual Job

I used to be a semi-professional bowler and I worked in a warehouse where we sold bowling products to pro shops around the United States.

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