TeraData Selects aMind to Implement Salesforce CPQ and Billing

Technical road map consulting and software implementation services support TeraData’s transition to subscription-based offerings.

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Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Sales Cloud



  • Transformation to a customer-centric organization requires subscription-based services that the company’s legacy enterprise software can not support.
  • Accurate forecasting in cannibalistic upgrade sales.
  • Closed-ended reporting on revenue impacts across renewals.
  • Inefficient and often inaccurate sales renewal processes.
  • Complex, global IT ecosystem in need of consolidation and updates combined with organization fear of “big-bang” systems delivery.
  • Internal perception/resistance that CPQ will be too slow and too expensive to implement, as well as challenging for sales to use.
  • Long, complex sales cycles with high value purchases involving large teams. 

Working with aMind is like walking through an Iowa cornfield and coming across ballplayers hitting 500 home runs at a field of dreams.

– Bryan Bradley
CPQ & Billing Transformation Specialist / Salesforce


aMind put in place a three phase IT transformation strategy to support Teradata’s transition to subscription-based offerings. First phase of the project proves aMind’s rapid incremental Salesforce deliverable is a viable approach with first release in 12 weeks.

  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the contract renewal process.
  • Incrementally introduce CPQ to sales teams, starting small with gradual build.
  • Deliver the first release in 12 weeks to prove rapid incremental deliverables are practical.
  • Deploy responsive technology that supports customer-centric mission. 
  • Focus sales representatives on closing larger deals.

Phase 1 – Renewals Automation

  • Proactively manage renewals forecast and customer retention.
  • Target an MVP to enable three key renewals functions in short timeline.
  • Provide visibility to KPIs for governing the renewals process.
  • Enable reporting on trends and snapshots of the renewals process for sales ops, revenue analysts and senior management.
  • Allow field sales to view and action renewals opportunities.
  • Integrate and synchronize with the current ARR tool

Phase II – Product Master Design 

  • Expand on prior internal Teradata high-level work on beginning to establish a product master design pattern, by getting to implementation-supporting detail on how products will be setup in Salesforce CPQ across software, cloud and on-premise solutions.
  • Deliver a proof of concept implementation for the target products (one software, one cloud, one on-premise solution), along with a plan to deliver further implementation of products and CPQ processes.

Phase III – Pricing Automation

  • Drive greater visibility and accuracy of product selection and pricing by extending the Phase II POC to all products.
  • Design a new data model for capturing customer site details to ensure compatibility with new products delivered.

Salesforce CPQ & Salesforce Sales Cloud

Modules and Features

Salesforce CPQ

Contracts and Subscriptions
Renewal Forecasting & Quoting
Renewal Uplifts and Pricing Rules
Significant Process Automations

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Opportunity Management

If I had my way, aMind would be the only partner I’d allow on my accounts for anything CPQ & Billing!

– Kym Packer-Masterson, Strategic Account Executive / Salesforce


Results to Date

TeraData is an ongoing project that will roll out in phases over 24-36 months. Results will impact the entire organization, and drive transition to subscription-based products.
  • Development of a long-term CPQ roadmap for technologies that support a modern customer-centric, SaaS enterprise.
  • Proved aMind’s rapid incremental Salesforce deliverable is a viable approach with first release in 12 weeks.
  • Improved the efficiency and accuracy of the contract renewal process, reducing renewal manager workload 10%.
  • Increase visibility to mid-term amendments.
  • Future renewals are now kept accurate to mid-term amendments. Sales is focused on closing new clients.
  • Improved forecast accuracy by 5%.


North America
Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Asia Pacific


Internal Deal Desk and Renewal Managers
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